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Peaches: We grow many different varieties
A peach is a peach, right? Lucky for you, there are many different varieties that ripen at various times so you can enjoy a fresh peach all summer long!

Big Dan grows all of these peaches...
  • Summer Serenade
  • July23-Aug4   semi-freestone A medium-large, globose to ovate, attractive, 50-70% crimson red over yellow-green groundcolor, yellow-fleshed, semi-clingstone peach ripening from near the end of July. The flesh is firm, non-browning. It has a pretty red color. We love their flavor!

  • Red Haven
  • Aug8-Aug19   Semi-Freestone Still the standard of yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone peaches in this season. A medium-large, globose to slightly ovate, 50-70% scarlet red over greenish-yellow ground- color, yellow-fleshed, semi- freestone peach. The flesh is firm with good flavor. The red haven peach Ė the peach that all other peaches are judged against. In fact, other peach varieties are often listed by how many days before or after they are ready to pick in regards to when red havens are ready. Red havens are usually ready for picking around the end of July to beginning of August. This is the classic peach that you will find all over the place. Itís a heavy producer which farmers love. They also love itís long shelf life. Itís the most popular peach planted in Michigan. It is a freestone peach, in that you should be able to remove the inner pit without taking half the peach with it. The Red Haven was introduced in 1940. It was created by Dr. Stanley Johnston of Michigan State University. It was first grown in South Haven, Michigan. It is juicy with a good peach flavor. Itís a great peach for canning as they are easy to slice up and remove the stone. This peach also works well in cooking applications. It has the acidity that you want.

  • Belaire
  • Aug8-Aug20   Freestone The Bellaire peach ripens in early August shortly after the Red Haven. It is a freestone variety, thus the pit is easy to remove when the peach is ripe. Bellaire peaches tend to be on the larger size when grown to their full potential. The Bellaire is said to be part of the Loring family of peaches. The Bellaire peach was introduced in 1984 in Martinsburg, WV by Freddie Blair and Hilltop Nurseries. The Bellaire peach is a great peach to use for a pie or other baking endeavors. It is on the acidic side, which is a nice counter to the sugar added for a baked good. It also has a nice peach flavor and is juicy. It not the sweetest peach, so if you donít like your peaches overly sweet, this one is for you.

  • Allstar
  • Aug17-Aug25   Freestone Allstar peaches are non-browning with about 80% color. They ripen in late August. Allstar peaches are excellent for canning, freezing, baking, as well as a good eating peach.

  • Loring
  • Aug23-Aug31   Freestone A large to very large, ovate to globose, 40-60% scarlet red over yellow groundcolor yellow-fleshed, freestone peach ripening approximately 13 days after Redhaven. The flesh is firm and of very good flavor. The Loring has been around for quite a while. It was first released to fruit growers in 1946. It was created in Missouri.

  • Glowingstar
  • Sept1-Sept7   Freestone Ripen in Early September. good size peach with nice flavor and very firm flesh. Glowing star are wonderful for eating, canning and baking. Our Glowingstar peaches are non-bearing for 2013.

  • Autumn Star
  • Sept7-Sept15   Freestone Our last peaches to ripen in mis September. A very large, globose to slightly ovate, 60-80% crimson red over a yellowish green groundcolor, yellow-fleshed. Autum star peaches are wonderful for eating, canning and baking. The flesh is firm with good flavor.

    Ever wonder how to pick a peach? It's easy! Big Dan says "Peaches need some tender loving care as they bruise/smush easily. Gently grasp the peach and twist while pulling away from the branch. Lower the peach into your container and release when it is safely located in the container- be careful not to drop or it will bruise. Remember bruising causes the fruit to spoil quicker."
    Once that peach comes off the tree the amount of sugar is locked in. So when you pick it early you are not getting the max amount of sugar and I also believe you arenít getting the peak of itís flavor.
    So what is one to do to enjoy a truly great peach? First, donít expect to find it at a big chain grocery store. They are into making a buck, so they want peaches with a long shelf live, that wonít be damaged in shipping. This mean the peach will be picked before it is ripe. The farmer is your best source for peaches. Red doesnít mean ripe. People seem to believe this, so peaches have been created with red color skins. You actually want to see an yellow background to the color of most peaches. That would indicate a ripe peach more than a red color. Freeeze or can some fresh-picked peaches during the summer for year-round enjoyment.

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