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U-pick: Apples, Peaches and Pumpkins
Because nothing could be sweeter than fresh picked fruit, Big Dan offers U-Pick Apples and Peaches. Check here, or call to see what's available today! (269) 621-4037

Family fun for everyone!
This year, we have u-pick peaches, apples, veggies & pumpkins. The best time for u-pick depends on which variety is your favorite. Prime peach picking season is 2nd & 3rd week of August. A number of apple varieties are ripe and ready for u-pick by mid September.

We plan to start offering free wagon rides to the u-pick areas every weekend starting September 9th. Wagon rides will continue each weekend until Halloween.
So bring the family, jump on the wagon and shout "Let's go U-pick'em!"

Pets are not permitted in the fields. We too are animal lovers, but recent regulations are aimed at making sure everyone has a safe & healthy experience on the farm. Thanks for your understanding on this new policy.
Yes, we have U-pick'em for all our peaches, apples and pumpkins this year!

Where is Big Dan's U-Pick-em? Directions to our farm are located here.

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